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6 weeks - 16 months

Minnesota Montessori Infant Program

Nurturing The Youngest Learners

Our Infant Program offers a safe, nurturing, and high-quality environment that promotes healthy growth and development according to Montessori principles. Our Montessori-trained caregivers provide responsive and individualized care to each infant, embracing and encouraging their unique development and allowing them to grow at their own pace. We focus on each child’s routine and offer a variety of sensory experiences to build trust and a sense of security.

Montessori First Start

In our Infant Program, we prioritize each child’s natural rhythm and strive to provide a diverse range of experiences that foster trust and holistic growth. Our dedicated Montessori educators collaborate closely with parents to support and stimulate each child’s learning journey, ensuring the best individualized care. Our environment nurtures curiosity and exploration through meaningful interactions, including the use of Montessori-approved toys, mirrors, and sensory activities. We incorporate gentle holding and soothing, comforting words to create a secure and loving atmosphere.

We invite you to visit our center and explore the enriching experiences we offer for your child’s first start in their educational journey.

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