Why Minnesota Montessori

At Minnesota Montessori we believe the best way for your child to embrace the joy of learning is to learn in a fun, comfortable and encouraging environment. We support children to curate positive behavior, build skills, and friendships. We focus on growing your child’s strengths, encouraging them to explore new ideas, become curious about the world, and build courage and confidence.

We aim to provide students and parents with a quality and safe educational experience. Our dedicated team helps children develop their physical, social, and emotional skills while encouraging them to embrace their curiosities about the world around them!

For parents, we love to include you in your child’s growth. Through our digital communication platform, we provide daily updates and fun pictures of your children. Additionally, our bi-annual parent-teacher conferences provide an opportunity to connect about all the exciting things your child has done throughout the year!

Our Mission & Philosophy

The Montessori Method is a proven educational approach with over 100 years of success. This curriculum nurtures the sensitive periods of development that occur in the child’s early years of life. Emphasis is placed on forming healthy patterns for lifelong learning, self-discipline, problem-solving, concentration, and self-direction. The Montessori curriculum emphasizes Practical Life Activities, Math, Language, Sensorial Experiences, Global Studies, and Science.

Your child will benefit from our years of experience and dedication to advancing and enriching age-appropriate curriculum.

Minnesota Montessori staff is here to help contribute to your child’s future by offering them a warm and nurturing environment. As a result, students will develop their sense of individuality, confidence, uniqueness, and building blocks for their future success.

A little girl reading a book in a library.

Our Programs

Introducing your children to new areas to explore and opportunities to learn from a young age is one of the most critical steps that you can take toward setting them up for long-term success. Here at Minnesota Montessori, we are committed to providing your children with mentally stimulating, exciting, and fun opportunities throughout their learning lessons and playing time!

As your children embrace the world around them, Minnesota Montessori is there to help guide them with hands-on instruction that encourages appropriate independence and individual exploration.

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